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Export to Excel button only launches in Internet Explorer window

Hi Experts - A subset users that are experiencing issues with the option to Export to Excel via Web Analyzer on 7.0.  For others, including myself it works just fine.
When they click the Export to Excel option after running a query, it only opens in an Internet Explorer window (no Excel options to manipulate data) and does not give them the typical MS Excel pop-up window (like I get) to OPEN or SAVE in Excel format.
Thinking this would be an MS Excel or Internet Explorer setting somewhere, but don't know where to find it....
Any help is appreciated!
I think that you're right, the problem doesn't seem to come from anything in SAP servers (otherwise no user would be able to make it work right).
If I understand well, you want to open an Excel window when selecting "export to Excel" option, not having the table opened in IE with an Excel tab. Am I right ?
If it's the case, I think that this should work :
In windows explorer, open tools -> folder options
Tab "file type"
find xls extension, and click "advanced" button
uncheck "browse in the same window" button
I'm using windows XP, therefore I can't guarantee that you'll find the same menus with another OS. Furthermore, I'm using a french OS, so my translations might differ slightly from what you'll actually have on screen. The result is reflected in the following registry key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Excel.Sheet.8
(this could be a different key, depending on the MS Office version installed on your computer)
You should now have a DWORD value BrowserFlags = 8
If you have a helpdesk department in your company, that handles software installations, I guess that they should handle this problem (by broadcasting the change in registry ?). But if you're a small company, where everyone has the rights to change such settings, this method will be OK.
Best regards,
Giang DANG
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