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Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry for Transfer Structures

Hi Guyz...
I've been facing a few issues regarding activation of transfer structures.
I'll explain the whole process...so it makes sense to you guys.
I've initially activated the Transfer Structures in BI Content for Master Data. Later on we faced some issues in the DEV server. So we had to transport all the objects and store them locally on a temporary location. When the BI DEV sever, was up and running, we transported all the objects back to the server.
Now while moving the objects back to the sever. We had an errors in the Master Data Request (Log- Method Execution). After going into the log...this is what I found.
Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry '/BIC/CIIA0DIVISION_TEXT'
Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry '/BIC/CIIA0DISTR_CHAN_TEXT'
Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry '/BIC/CIIA0MATL_TYPE_TEXT'
Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry '/BIC/CIIA0SALESORG_TEXT'
Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry '/BIC/CIIA0SALES_GRP_TEXT'
I hope, I am clear here.
Any suggestions, guys...
Please check this link:
Error while creating table EDISEGMENT entry
Hope it helps.
Thanks and Regards,
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