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Error while Creating Charm Project

I am configuring CHARM Sol 7.1 SP11.
TMS landscape is as follows
DEV100-->QAS200-->PRD300 (QAS & PRD as Virtual systems). we have created virtual systems and flagged as a virtual system in smsy.
I have created the project in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN and assigned the  logical components.
While performing the CHECK under Change Management tab in Check TMS domains "RFC destination Cannot be determined"
Any pointers on how to resolve this?
Before you start with activating CHARM it is important that you create a transport link from the Solution Manager to the ABAP managed system domain controller. Once this is done, your Solution Manager is able to retrieve the TMS information from the transport domain controller.
To create a trasport link, open transaction STMS on the Solution Manager and link with the ABAP target system via a trusted RFC.
You will then not receive the error messages in TMS anymore.
I hope this helps
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