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Error in inserting data

I have insert page i the developing instance it is working fine .
But in production after click on submit we have a dialog page saying that do u want to save the data . If the user clicks ok the data is saving in backend but its showing the error message in page that
u have encountered an unexpected error please contact system administrator. When we click no also its giving the same error.
When i enabled the FND_DIAGNOSTICS profile option it will work fine it will not give any error. If i disable then it will give error.
Please any one will help. what is the region and why it is giving error please its so urgent
It is true that you cannot perform DML operations inside SQL (that is what discoverer do).
The way to work around it is to define the function that perform the insert as AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION
You should add the syntax to your function, for example:
i := 1:
insert into t
select i from dual;
END test1 ;
BTW don't forget the commit although it's GTT and make sure you preserve rows on commit;
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