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Download to Excel.

I have to download data into excel .
Now this data is not predefined .. as in its picked up from custom table . If no of records selected from custom table is 6 then 6 columns in final_itab. If 10 records selcted then 10 columns .
Now I have managed to create two internal tables
1. itab1
this contains header texts
row  column   text
1     1       Name
1     2       Quantity
1     3       Price
2, itab2   contains - values
row column   value
1    1       'ABC'
1    2       '33'
1    3       '34.56'
2    1       'CDF'
2    2       '66'
2    3       '234'
How do I make it into one internal table for download to excel.
If I think of the option of printing it as a report so that the user will save file as spread sheet .. this is also not possible as the text size for each is 70 and it will exceed the maximum permissible which is 1023.
Culd Anyoen suggest something in this regard please .
Hi neelim,
first declare your internal table that will contains the headre of the colomn
DATA: BEGIN OF gt_header OCCURS 1,
       ZONE(60) TYPE C,
      END OF gt_header.
then the table that will contains the values.
DATA: BEGIN OF gt_val OCCURS 0,                  
      end of gt_val.
after updating your table with value and header text
call function:
              FILENAME            = P_file
              FILETYPE            = 'DAT'
              DATA_TAB            = gt_val
              FIELDNAMES          = gt_header
              FILE_OPEN_ERROR     = 1
              FILE_WRITE_ERROR    = 2
              INVALID_FILESIZE    = 3
              INVALID_TABLE_WIDTH = 4
              INVALID_TYPE        = 5
              NO_BATCH            = 6
              UNKNOWN_ERROR       = 7
              OTHERS              = 8.
it should works.
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