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Doubt on bapi

Hi all   suppose if iwant to upload a material using bapi,  than how can i know the FM's that are avialable for this..
Hi Gurus
I am using the extension parameters of BAPI to load some customized fields for the object-BUILDING in REAL ESTATE MODULE using LSMW-BAPI.
Here's the code-
*Target Field: E1BPPAREX-VALUEPART1 Data part of BAPI extension paramet
lt_extension_in TYPE TABLE OF bapiparex,
ls_extension_in TYPE bapiparex,
ls_ci_data TYPE rebd_building_ci.
ls_ci_data-zgisx = hsouthernwater-zgisx.
ls_ci_data-zgisy = hsouthernwater-zgisy.
ls_ci_data-zdeed = hsouthernwater-zdeed.
ls_ci_data-zland = hsouthernwater-zland.
ls_ci_data-zsite = hsouthernwater-zsite.
ls_extension_in-structure = 'CI_DATA'.
ls_extension_in-valuepart1 = ls_ci_data.
CALL METHOD cl_abap_container_utilities=>fill_container_c
im_value = ls_ci_data
ex_container = ls_extension_in-valuepart1
e1bpparex-valuepart1 = ls_extension_in-valuepart1.
ls_extension_in-valuepart1 = ls_ci_data.
ls_extension_in-valuepart1 and ls_ci_data. are mutually not convertible
I have written the same code for 3 objects in RE-The code was working fine in those objects.But in object- building i am getting this error..
Anyone out there please help me regarding this..
Thanks in advance
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