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Do you also get this problem too?

I migrated from 1.0.14 to 1.1 last nite. Everything went on smoothly. Started to add the search and comment feature on my blog as well. When i upload the whole site, i hit the publishing error but it went away once i retry it.
I did a quick check on all my pages, including the blog's new features. Every was great except all the pages created by 1.0.1.
When i click on andof my photo gallery's thumbnails, I see nothing. When i click on slideshow, same problem. Nothing and error message. Tried on a non Apple machine, my office PC using Firefox and IE, they also appear the same error.
My homepage is http://web.mac.com/eric.lim/iWeb/Site/Photos%3A%20My%20Snapshots.html
Am i the only one faces this problem??? Or do i need to redo all photo gallery with new theme? Please help.
Hi Eric
I only experienced the thumbnail-not-being-clickable problem with pages that didn't have a slideshow button. Adding a button seemed to fix it though. Try adding slideshow buttons, and if they are already there maybe deleting the button then adding it again and publishing might get it working?
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