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DB6 v9.1 optimizer statistics. How to use histograms?

Does anybody know if DB6 v9.1 uses histograms in table statistics?
If it is possible, how can I activate this feature?
Filipe Vasconcelos
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제품 : ORACLE SERVER 작성날짜 : 2006-07-21 PURPOSE 이 문서는 10g의 new feature인 자동 통계정보 수집(Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection)에 대한 소개와 기능에 대한 자료이다. Explanation 1. 개요 Optimizer statistics는 GATHER_STATS_JOB에 의해서 자동으로 수집된다. 이 JOB은 SYS 소유로서 OBJECT_TYPE이 JOB이
I just upgraded database from 8.1.7 to 10R2 . What would the best approach for Optimizer Statistics collection. We would like to open database for test , but I afraid some quries going to run slow without latest stats. Should I run it manually or let
Hi experts, every weekend the job UpdAllStats runs in the SAP systems hosted by us (weekdays just PrepUpdStats+UpdStats). Now we're facing the issue that in one system there are no optimizier statistics for all tables in one special name space - let'
Hello, we have this error in log Check and update optimizer statistics: 12.02.2009     23:21:20     'BEGIN DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS (OWNNAME => '"SAPPB1"', TABNAME => '"/BIC/FZPPC0002"', ESTIMATE_PERCENT => 10, METHOD_OPT
Hello, I have scheduled 'Check and Update  Optimizer Statistics' from DB 13 but I always get this error.   BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2009-01-05 01.00.46   BR0301E SQL error -20000 at location stats_ind_collect-3, SQL statement:   'BEGIN DBMS_STAT
Hellow Friends, After running job Check and update optimizer statistics each and every time from db13 in my BI production server it got failed please view the logs BR0301E SQL error -20000 at location stats_tab_collect-20, SQL statement:             
Hi All, I have no clear picture about Optimizer Statistics From Oracle 9i docs ( http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10501_01/server.920/a96533/stats.htm#26713 ) GATHER_INDEX_STATS -  Index statistics GATHER_TABLE_STATS -  Table, column, and index st
Hello, We have Oracle 11g R1 database. Our automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection settings are enabled, still I don't see the tables being analyzed, any suggestions if I am missing any settings. All tables do get analyzed if I do manual statistics
I am upgrading from oracle to , During inital stages I get the following warning message "WARNING: --> Database contains stale optimizer statistics. .... Refer to the 10g Upgrade Guide for instructions to update" .How can I h
Hi there I wanted to query user_tab_modifications to track, number of rows updated in a week. Since this view is refreshed automatically when Automatic Optimizer Statistics gathers statistics, i disabled the Automatic Optimizer Statistics. Now i am e
Dear membes, Oracle os : HP-UX 11i I want to know is there any creteria for generating optimizer statistics for the production database, like we have a creterai for rebuilding indexes through checking the index_stat table. Is there any table
How can I get DB13 to have the option to optimize statistics. The oracle version is William Maybe the parameter is not set in init<SID>.ora file. Check this file for optimizer enable parameter as to optimizer_mode = choose optimizer_ind
dear all, i noticed an error in DB16 , that is  <b>Missing Statistics for a table </b> SAPGRP.MC03BF0SETUP. How to run/ generate the stats. for this tableDear Somckit here is the error msg.  from DB16.                                          
Hi,    Whats the use of to run update optimizer statistics. ThankuIt Update the Optimizer Statistics... simple he? No interview questions. Read the "Rules of Engagement" Regards JuanRead other 2 answers
Hi, I am manually upgrading from oracle to, During Pre-Upgrade Information Tool i got the below messages SQL> @/u01/app/oracle/product/; Oracle Database 11.1 Pre-Upgrade Information Tool 06-08-2010 2
I'm checking in my db setting and database is analysing each day. But as I notice there are a lot of tables that information shows last analysis in about month ago... Do I have to change some parameters?lesak wrote: I don't have any data that show yo
Hi, all. I heard that HANA DB engine were using the cost-based optimizer. I think the statistics is updated automatically, but how often (or when) the collector runs to updated it? Also, are there any command to update the statistics manually, such a
Dear Gurus, While Updating the Update stats in DB13 Calender it shows the Below mentioned error. BR0881I Collecting statistics for table SAPPSU.EKUB with method/sample C ...                            BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2009-01-18 02.23.01
Hi! Gather statistics in TimesTen is automatically task? If yes, then how it work? Info: I have 4 "read only" cache group depends on 5 tables and only 2 tables have record in SYS.TBL_STATS. So only 2 table have statistics.No, it is not automatic