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Dashboard with prompts does not go to cache

all I've been reading on the internet and documentation about caches, makes me think that seeding the cache is only useful for running reports, but not Dashboards. Is this true?
I have seeded the cache with one iBot, and if I run the report iit goes to the caché. But if I use the dashboard which contains the report, it does not go to the cache. Could this be because in the dashboard I have 5 prompts which I'm using in the report?
Does the cache work when the dashboard contains prompts used as filters in the report?
I have seen in the forum and blogs the conditions for a query to go to the cache instead of going to the database, and I follow all the rules. But for example, if I have in a dashboard with prompts, a report with the following columns:
Column A, B, C, D
where C is prompted
and D is prompted
what should be the ibot to execute?
Thanks for the link, but I already checked. Also, it goes to cache when I run the report by itself (from the answers window), but not when launched from the dashboard.
To answer your question, one of the prompts contains month and year, and it's filled from a variable defined in the repository (selec max(month_year) from table). Also, every prompt that we use saves the choice made by the user in a variable (so that we can filter in the report). Could this be the problem? Does cache not work with prompts kept in variables, or prompts that use variables?
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