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Creating a class

How do I create a class in Java. I have a Test.java and everytime I run it, it says Test.class not found. It compiles fine but when I run it, I get the error.
First start here... http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/getStarted/cupojava/index.html
To create a class in java is simple.
Like so:
//The class name should always begin with a capital. eg Test.
public class Test {   //This is the class Test.  
//instance variables here
} // dont forget the opening and closing braces.
// you may need a constructor. The constructor MUST have the same name as the class.
public Test() {   //This is an example of the const. Test.
// Some code.
// if you are making an application you will need this.
public void main(String[] args) {
// Some code.
// else if your making an applet you will need this instead.
public void init() {
// Some Code.
Hope that helps. make sure you check ou the java tutorials.
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