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Cracking MacBook Shell

Has anyone else who owns a MacBook experienced cracking on the bottom shell that covers the bottom of the computer? Apple fixed mine, but has anyone else experienced this?
got mine in january and it started cracking whn it was about 2 months old but i just left it unto it got really bad and the women siad i cam close to losing the edge of my air vent but it was fixed
As for my top case i think it will as ive already got the shiny lines where the magnetic strips are so as soon as that cracks im going back to get that fixed and my isight camera.
All the best Matt
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I own an original macbook, and i heard that apple replaces the inside of the shell for free if you have the warranty. But i have a problem with the outside. Within the first week I purchased it, I noticed there was a little crack right on the tip of
So I open my laptop and find my shell cracked a tiny bit on the bottom right side of the keyboard area; under the click area for the mouse and nearly on the far right edge in a small strip probably 1.5 inches long and maybe 1 or 1.5 centimeters wide.
Accidentally stepped on my 13" macbook pro that was on the floor and it cracked the right side of my screen, how much would it cost to repair/replace?Depends on whether you want new or used parts for replacement. I doubt repair is an option.  Google
my white macbook is cracking where the lid closes on it. is there some type of warranty for this? it is still under the extended 3 yr warranty...asimpson8204 wrote: I agree. Apple should be fixing this issue whether there is a warranty or not. This i
what is cost to replace macbook pro 2011 laptop 15" cracked mousepad or trackpad? thanksIf you wish to do it yourself, look for parts on the iFixit.com and Powerbookmedic.com web sites.  You will find prices and instructions. Ciao.Read other 3 answer
I stepped on the corner of my macbook pro 13" retina display and the screen has cracked and there is a black square in the corner where the screen is broken. I was wondering from others who have had the same experience how much is it to have the scre
My sister's white Macbook had a crack (about half a centimeter) appear on the screen after she moved. The crack seems to be under the screen but does not affect the content on the screen, except to make the surrounding area slightly lighter. It has s
Hi guys, My macbook's got a rather disturbing crack from 'mishandling' - see http://img92.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn0626pz1.jpg Any ideas on whether anything else will be damaged as a result of this? ie, will anything else start to fail? I don't
I have a 13" MacBook with the right side of the LCD cracked on the inside. I am out of warranty and have no AppleCare. How much does Apple charge to replace an LCD Display?Not sure what Apple would charge but I would try here first: http://www.powerb
I closed my macbook pro 15" today on my power cord and cracked the screen causing everything above the crack to become blacked out. I dont want to but a new computer, and got the computer just over a year ago. When i rub my finger behing the black ar
I sadly knocked my lappy on to a audio sampler and the whole screen wigged out like I'd sat on it or something. Lots of coloured lines and cracks in the middle... So, how much am I looking at to replace this including labour? I know it's very pricey
I want to purchase a 2010 macbook pro glossy lcd led backlit display & screen & do the work myself But Im having a hard time finding the exact parts I need Does anybody know where I can purchase so I can save a little on the labor I did the same m
My house got robbed two weekends ago. Sadly, my old computer was stolen and I had to buy a new MacBook Pro. My dog ended up jumping on top of my new computer, ruining the screen. It is black on the top left corner of the computer. On top of that, the
Hi! I opened my computer today and wiped what I thought was a "smudge" off the corner of my computer.  When my finger started bleeding, I realized my screen at cracked (small hairline cracks) in 3 corners of my computer.  I haven't dropped my co
I have observed cracks on my white macbook (Late 2006 model) case (both insde & out side). Everytime I take an appointment with the Genius, they say that they are so busy to replace the case and they might need at least 3-5 business days. Since I did
Can someone please tell me where is a good place to fix my cracked Macbook Air 13.3 inch. What is a reasonable price?Locations in Melbourne.Read other 2 answers
I tried to re-install games as well, restart my macbook but it did not work.I want to add that even before using bootcamp, the same thing happened to the screen.So, I do not think that there is a problem with windows 7. Thank you in advanceDevice Man
Recently I visited Apple Store Northridge again to have my MacBook white repaired for crack on top panel and hairline crack on back-bottom panel. At Genius bar, they told me that Apple doesn't replace the bottom panel if it is not covered by Apple Ca
Within a month of owning my new Macbook, I opened the computer and saw strange leaf-like areas of blank pixels covering about 10% of the screen. I hadn't dropped, jolted or otherwise banged the computer since the last time I had closed it less than 2