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Configuring F4

hi experts.
I am given to develop a report with selection screen and there i have a field absence type. Now my client reqmnt is they need input help for it and in standard SAP screen, the field does not have  F4  help. I want to develop the option F4 for it with only 2 values.
Any suggestions??
thanks in advance,
hi hitesh,
F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST is the function module wich will help for F4 help when there is no help avalable.
For example ELIKZ is a field which does nto have F4 help.
*F4 Values for ELIKZ field
CONSTANTS : c_elikz       TYPE char30 VALUE 'ELIKZ'.
CONSTANTS : c_s_eli(132)  TYPE c      VALUE 'S_ELIKZ'.
  CLEAR : wa_rec_elikz.
  REFRESH : i_rec_elikz.
  wa_rec_elikz = c_x.
  APPEND wa_rec_elikz TO i_rec_elikz.
  CLEAR : wa_rec_elikz.
  wa_rec_elikz = space.
  APPEND wa_rec_elikz TO i_rec_elikz.
  CLEAR : wa_rec_elikz.
      retfield        = c_elikz
      dynpprog        = sy-repid
      dynpnr          = sy-dynnr
      dynprofield     = c_s_eli
      value_org       = c_s
      value_tab       = i_rec_elikz
      parameter_error = 1
      no_values_found = 2
      OTHERS          = 3.
we have to bulid the table with the values u want and pass it to the internal table in the function module.
It will work.
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