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Comparison of iDive vs FootTrack

Does anyone have experience with both iDive and FootTrack at importing and categorizing video clips? I am looking for comparisons.
Haven't used either one, but read a description of iDive. Seems to be similar to iPhoto, but for movies instead of photos. I would think that it would use LOTS of disk space.
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Does anyone have experience with iDive and/or FootTrack for organizing movie clips? I am trying to get a comparison of the two software products.
Does anybody here got experience archiving / referencing video footage with the above mentioned programs for key wording/ data basing? I cannot find any reviews that compare these programs. I've got many hours of video that I would like to database w
I would think that categorizing video clips for easy searches would be getting more and more popular now that hard drive space for storing files is more affordable. I've been trying to get my media organized in FCP and am now realizing that I need a
Hi, I've been looking into different video library software packages, and am thinking I want to go with CatDV. However, first I'd like to see what other options are available. I've seen iDive and Foottrack as well, but neither of these has a workgrou
Can anyone compare the iMovie08 video capture and categorizing capabilities to FootTrack and iDive?Hi, I am the German translator of FootTrack and thought I'd jump in here with an example of things FootTrack can do, the way I use the program, anyway.
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