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CME 7.1 with SCCP 7940G phones and SIP connection to a VOIP provider - inbound outbound fails

Here's a quick and dirty diagram of a CME 7.1 configuration. The phone can all call each other but something is not quite right with the SIP provider. The registrar and SIP registration pieces are working but most of the configuration examples that I've seen make me think that the CME router was being used as the edge device to the internet. From my drawing, you can see that is not the case here. My edge device is a Cisco ASA5505 with 9.2.x software running. I might be missing something in the SIP gateway knowledge department. Without diving into the configuration, I'm wondering if SIP messages are failing for calls because of NAT'ing? Trying to do searches has been tricky because I keep running into information that is more about setting up CME for SIP phones or just getting SIP to work between CME and a SIP provider. I have that part working. I'm just a bit unsure about how an SCCP 7940G gets an outbound call or even gets one to come in.
When I dial from my cell phone to the pilot number, there are no rings, it just goes to the VOIP provider's voice mail. When I try to dial out, I get a fast busy.
So, is NAT a consideration? Will the SIP gateway set up a call (forward) via the pre-established SIP connection? Yeah, I do sound like a newb.
If anyone has good information about, let's say, an inbound call and how that traffic flow works.
Have you configured your ASA to either NAT the IP address of the CME router or to do port forwarding for port 5060?
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