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Click on the icon and a white blank page comes on, the bottom says opening but nothing happens!

when ever i open firefox, nothing happens, just a white blank page comes on, on the bottom left, the default page is trying to open" i.e waiting for xxxxxxx to open,
I tried re starting my computer "MAC" also quit Firefox and opened it but the problem is still there.
Last time I updated Firefox, all of my bookmarks and saved pages were gone.
If you have unsaved open pages you may loose them on a Firefox upgrade but you should not normally loose your bookmarks, unless for instance you do a new install and take one of the options that deletes personal information.
I suggest as a precaution you back up your Firefox profile. This is something that is easier to do whilst Firefox is able to run; and it is good practice to do this periodically anyway; but it can still be done even when Firefox is not able to be run.
* for instructions have a look at [[Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles]]
* put the backup files and folders somewhere safe, where they may be found easily, but outside the Firefox program or profile paths. (Your Windows 7 Desktop is a suitable location).
Now when I click on the Firefox icon, nothing happens. No page opens...nothing.
Firefox not starting after an upgrade is often caused by firewalls or security programs either not recognising the new Firefox as being safe, or else blocking or even reversing changes made to your system and browser.
Have a look at your security software and the security settings.
*What security related software and firewall do you use ?
* see also
** [[Firefox won't start - find solutions#w_firefox-will-not-start-after-updating]]_firefox-will-not-start-after-updating
** [[Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet]]
**[[Firefox does not work - Common fixes to get you back up and running]]
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