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Challenging Line In Port Question

Hi -
I'm working with some software that was built primarily for PC's but it will run on Mac OS fine. I'm putting a powered signal into the "Line In" port in the back of my PowerBook G4.  Within the software, I need to associate the Line In port to the proper "device" in the old PC-speak - e.g. /dev/tty01, /dev/tty02, etc.
Does anyone know what the Line In port on a G4 translates to in the PC-speak device vernacular? Is it /dev/tty00? Some other ttyXY?   Thanks in advance!
I have an idea of what you may be experiencing, correct me if I am wrong. I bet when you unplug the headset you may see a red line inside of it. Try this:
http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964 -Reset SMC
http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379 - Reset Pram
Next go and open your finder window and delete these files:
Put those in trash then erase the trash.
Then shut down the computer and do a PRAM reset. If this does not resolved the issue empty:
/syste/library/caches folder
Worst case scenario do an archive install.
If all else fails your microswitches in the audio jacks have failed. Make an appointment at an ARS or AASP.
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