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Can't send mail lately

Dear Guys,
Greetings again.
Lately, I can no longer send email via a commercial ISP at home. I am able to receive mail. But when I send email, they go to a Dark Hole and nobody receives anything from me. Yet, I can find all those sent messages in the SENT box.
I checked the SMTP setting and everything is accurate.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me what other things I should look into?
Jimmy Chiu
Power Book G4    
Hello Jimmy.
Lately, I can no longer send email via a commercial ISP at home.
I am able to receive mail. But when I send email, they go to a
Dark Hole and nobody receives anything from me. Yet, I can
find all those sent messages in the SENT box.
You are able to send messages with this account and SMTP server. If a message cannot be sent for whatever reason, it will remain in the Outbox mailbox usually with an error message provided.
A message moved to the account's Sent mailbox indicates the message was successfully sent by the SMTP server used with the account. Open a sent message in the account's Sent mailbox and at the menu bar go to View > Message and select Long Headers. The Message ID information is another indication the message was successfully sent.
A successfully sent message is either accepted or rejected by the recipient's incoming mail server. If rejected for whatever reason, you will usually receive a return email error message from the recipient's incoming mail server indicating why the message was not accepted. With so much spam being circulated and since spammers don't provide a valid sending or return email address with many spammers using what is called a "dictionary" attack guessing at email addresses for a particular domain, many ISPs and email account providers no longer send a return email error message to the sender of a message when the message was not accepted.
Basically if a message was successfully sent, what happens to the message after that is beyond your control.
You can try contacting the provider for this email account and SMTP server and ask if there is anything they can do with the Message ID information for the messages that were successfully sent but the recipient indicated the message was not received.
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