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Can no longer connect to internet on my iTouch

I have had my iTouch for just over a year and had no problems connecting to the internet at home and elsewhere. I had to purchase a new router recently and now my Touch no longer connects. It finds the network with no problem but when I enter my password it still says "unable to join the network..." It works everywhere else just fine and my laptop at home connects to my wi-fi with no problem as well. I have tried to input my network under "Other networks" with no success either. My settings and password are the same as before but it still won't connect. Has anyone else had this problem and any ideas on how to fix it? I went to the Apple store and they said they had no idea why it no longer connects. Thanks for any help you can send me.
Are you running WEP encryption? Chances are the new router interprets your password in a form that the touch can't deal with. You can either using the hex code in place of the password you created or reset your encryption to WPA2-psk and create a new 10-12 character password.
If you don't want to change encryption, you can reconfigure your WEP passwords - 5 characters only with 48bit or 13 characters only with 128 bit.
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