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Can I sync my device (iPhone/iPad) to a new iTunes without losing my old apps?

My family and I have been sharing the same iTunes account for a while now. We have three iPhones and my iPad all using the same iTunes on our home desktop. I recently got my own Pro and want to creat my own itunes and sync my iPad and iPhone to it. I want to keep my three devices together and use iCloud only with my devices. Most of my apps are free so I know I can just download them again but I do have a few paid for apps like Pages that I do not want to lose and pay for again. Is there a way I can bring over my paid for apps to my new iTunes library???
If you are using the same account again, disable autosync in iTunes, set up your account, set up at least one contact and event on your Mac, to be able to merge data during the first sync.
Connect your device, right click on it in the device list and choose "backup". This will back up your device without syncing. Transfer your purchases the same way, to copy all bought media and apps to your new library.
The first sync will erase your device, but you can use the manual created backup to restore your settings and data again.
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