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Can i install mac on my pc

is there any  way i caN RUN MAC ON my pc after removing windows 7
Apple does not permit you to install Mac OS X on a PC.
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I've had Mac OS X 10.4 installed for a while on this system but after recently upgrading to a new Mac I thought I'd turn this one into a legacy computer to run all my old software. So I used my Mac OS X install discs to wipe the hard drive and instal
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can i install Mac OS on in Windows 7? for dual-boot purposeBut you can install Windows on a Mac via Bootcamp for dual boot. For the purposes of Windows®, a Mac is just a generic piece of PC hardware, so installing on to it is permitted by Microsoft's
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I have a 1.5 GHZ powerbook G4, momery 1.5G. HD 40G Can I install OS 10.5? Do I need to buy it? or can I use imac's system OS 10.5 are they same? Or has anyone know I caould download it? Thank you.Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installation system requirements
Hi all I have just received a 'old' powerbook g4 without harddrive. After I have installed a ned harddrive , it was ready for test. But what ever key I press (with the install dvd in the drive), the only screen to come up, was a blue one with to smal
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A few days ago, I picked up my new Mac Mini. I'm using the install disk included with the Mini in an attempt to install Mac OSX 10.4.5 onto my external hard drive - a LaCie d2 200GB. The installer knows the LaCie is there - but it won't let me instal
My Imac is showing early show of serious bernel paroblems/crashing.  (For example, it has tourned it self off then on two times, the opening or new software as well as Internet seraches are dealy slow, a large black rectangle, showed up on the desk o
I can't install Mac OS 9, because the page "Select a disk to install" is empty, so I can't choose a disk. The disk is OK and the Mac OS installer too. I am trying to install it because this is the last version that a Power Mac G3 supports. Pleas
If the only way to install Mac OS X Lion is by downloading it via the Mac App Store, it's going to be very difficult to put it on a brand-new hard drive unless Apple provides us with workarounds,So what should we do when want to install Mac OSX Lion
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Can I install Mac OS X 10.5 on a Powerbook G4 already running Mac OS X 10.6? I lost my disc of 10.6 and can only find my 10.5 disc as I'm selling my MacBook, and wiping the hard drive for a complete reset.A PowerBook G4 can't run Snow Leopard OS 10.6