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Can I connect an external Optical drive to Omni 10

I am thinking to buy an Omni 10 tab. I want to confirm thad does it support external Optical Drives via USB OTG.
I have found from other threads on HP Support that it supports External HDD bt I am not sure about External ODD.
I asume that External ODD Requires more power than External HDD.
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@ Ritaban: The micro-USB port on an Omni 10 is capable of supplying only a limited amount of power to operate attached devices (500 mA maximum). Most USB devices which contain motors (hard drives, scanners, optical drives) require substantially more sustained power than an Omni tablet can deliver. (for example, HP-branded portable DVD drives require 2 Amps — that's 4x what an Omni can deliver.) 
However, there is a straightforward solution to attaching a wide variety of high-power USB peripherals to an Omni tablet, if they are connected via a Powered USB Hub. Although the Omni micro-USB port limits data transfers to USB 2.0 speeds, I recommend employing a USB 3.0 hub, because they typically are bundled with higher-output power supplies than their USB 2.0 counterparts.
Most low-power USB devices — keyboard, mouse, flash stick, card reader — can usually be connected directly to an Omni tablet, via a micro-usb adapter cable, and won't require any supplemental operating power. However, if you intend to operate an Omni tablet for sustained periods with any USB devices attached, time between charges will be substantially reduced, so attach the supplied charger as well, whenever possible ...
I hope to see you back here at some point, to tell us about how-much you're enjoying your new Omni 10 tablet! Your questions are welcome as well...
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