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Hi Guys,
Is there any way that we can control BEx (SAP Business Explorer) VBA Code... ? I am able to login to business Explorer with BWLogon() code and i am able to refresh query using "Run "SAPBEX.XLA!SAPBEXrefresh", False, myRange". but as soon as this code executed i am getting a form where i need to give some input like Period number, Fisical Year number or Employee number like that and then i have to click on Execute (Manually). what i am looking is , is there any VBA code through which i can do click on Execute button in the form or entering values in to required fields of the form ... ?
please do let me know ... as soon as possible.
thanks in advance,
Hi Shakaran,
What version of GUI r u using?
use GUI 710 - it will solve your problem.
ask your basis guy to install the patch or reinstall the GUI 710 on your system so that you will get the BEX options.
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