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Burning cd's for commercial use

Is it in any way possible to use Apple's wave burner for commercial releases and create the cd's on my own if I have the ISRC code?
In short: Yes!
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Hi I was finally able to download a DVD to my desktop using Mactheripper. Now I want to burn another copy. My desktop version is 7.65GB. So I bought a DVD+R DL which has a capacity of 8.5 GB. I put it into my laptop, I then hear it moving around and
Since my MBP plays both PAL and NTSC, I would like to know how to see in which system each DVD was actually recorded. The reason is that I am involved in a film festival and have to classify the entries depending on how they were originally recorded
I am having difficulty in making disk images & restoring using disk utility. Issue 1 - Making an image of a DVD for the purpose of burning a copy (non commercial) In DU I select the DVD in the sidebar, click new image DVD/CD master & save to deskt
what is the easiest way to make a dvd from a vhs tape movie that I copied to my mini dv camcorder? the movie is about two hours long. I did not do a continuous copy, but paused every 10 minutes so I could get clips. I know this is a lot of work. Can
What's wrong with my player?Hi You have to tell much more. Player - in Your MacBook Pro or on any  DVD-player A new unrecorded DVD or a previously burned DVD or a commercial movie DVD ? And You know the difference of Data-DVDs and Video-DVDs ? Same D
I have a 3-song Neil Finn audio cd from a few years ago I want to import into iTunes. On my new Windows 7 PC running iTunes I can import the songs just fine. But my 3yo iMac 24" workstation does not even recognize the disk; after about a minute the d
It looks like Snow Leopard's Disk Utility doesn't allow to create disk images of audio cds. Can someone recommend a free, light weight tool I can use to clone audio cds? Preferably, I am looking for something that will not touch system folders/files
I love the new iMovie '08... I'm a professional video editor, and for "real" editing it is fairly useless, but as a quick and easy way to take my home movies, throw them together incredibly quickly, and post them on the web, it's sheer brillianc
Hi, This may be the wrong place, but I am trying to convert my burned DVD's onto Mini DV's, which are supported by my camcorder (Cannon). Firstly, I am trying to get DVD's I burned and then maybe commercial DVD's. Eventually I would like to get DVD's
I finished my movied. and then tried to move everything into a new file labeled TAJE files.  Now when I try to open the last version of the movie, I get nothing but 2 of the title clips and then every clip is a red one with different languages saying
Is it possible to burn a ISO file directly from Pr. Elements 8 ?This isn't possible unless you are using a Virtual Burner. Two mentioned several times in these forums are Virtual CD and Phantom Burner. These are commercial products - I don't recall e
My Combo Drive currently will not: -burn CDs -play music (commercial) CDs -load software (commercial) CDs It will: -play DVDs -recognize and read previously burned (non-commerical) data CDs Commercial CDs are not recognized--the drive struggles with
My new iMac (and first ever Mac) arrived last Wednesday. Over the weekend, I tried to burn some quicktime movies to dvd. First, I inserted the media, which is Memorex DVD+R's. These would show up on the desktop as a CDR. I thought that was strange, b
An ongoing problem - I have a bunch of older music CDs that I want to import into iTunes. I insert the CD into the disk drive, it spins for a while, maybe once or twice and then ejects. Very frustrating. Surely I am not the only one in the iMac commu
My imac G5 is no longer recognizing any previously burned CDs. When I inset the CD I get "You've inserted a blank CD. Turn burn items on the CD....." etc. The CDs play okay in my CD player, just not on the imac. The imac still recognizes and pla
I just upgraded my macbook hard drive, doing a clean install of Mac OS X on the drive in an external enclosure, then copying the remaining files, doing all the software updates, and swapping out my old drive. Everything works so far, except... the DV
So I seem to be having the REVERSE problem from everyone else. My iMac G4 (17", 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM), which I just bought for a piddling $200, will play and burn CDs / CD-RWs just fine. It will also correctly identify blank DVDs that I stick i
After I purchased the MPEG-2 option I disovered that QT7 won't play back CSS encoded DVD's. Is there a way to get commercial DVD's to iPOD? Thanks.DO NOT BREAK THE LAW! Ripping Commercial DVD'S is against the law. Please Read The TOU: Keep within the
Hello All: Requesting your help in setting correct preferences in iTunes in order to play my burned files onto a regular CD player. When I burn mp3s they are only audible on computer. I have a number of voiceover files recorded in AIFF and mp3 from G