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Okay so here is the persistent problem,
I have an iPhone 4 and ever since updating to iOS 7 i have had endless problems.
The biggest one being that every app that i have ever bought/downloaded, keep downloading all at once and it happens when i try to download a previously purchased app.
in full detail.
i open the app store go to purchased, scroll through untill i find the app i want to download again (This time GTA 3)
a message pops up saying that i have previously purchased this app so wont have to pay again and i have to click ok.
after clicking okay it shows my app is downloading i go to the home screen and after about 30-40 seconds it dissapears
i try again and the same happens including the message. but after it dissapears this time i will get the grey box that appears before the app logo/icon appears. then 1 by 1 or even 3 in one go. it wont stop even if i dissconect from wi/fi and mobile data.
the only way i can stop it is by plugging it in and restoreing the iphoine
if anyone can help please!!!
If you have endless problems with the update, you can restore it via iTunes but backup before you do so. Problems might be caused from OTA update.
Set Settings>General>International>Language>English
Settings>iTunes & AppStore>Sign out and sign back in.
You can also tried a hard reset by holding power and home button till it restarts and release power when u see apple logo.
You can also Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network settings.
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