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Hello Experts,
I am using query designer BI 7 version,
Created a query and have used 2 filters, My question on exection in web, the filltered values come in the corner and no longer the columns are seen in the structure..
Is there a setting to retain them in output also... show filtered structure...???  where it is!!!
Hi  Bijal,
      you can take those  filtered  info objects into   Rows also... then you will get those  those    info objetcs are displayed in columns in the output..
    for  example you  want to filter  Material from  100 to 500 .. then you can put 0Material  in ROWS and as well as filters also.. but in filter you need to mention the condition..
   then you will get  0Materail(but only from 100 to 500 )  also in the output .. along with the  corresponding values..
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