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Best practice: Extend client re-connect attempts when cluster down?

We have a basic extend TCP client that uses a few continuous queries to display data updated in a cluster. Due to the nature of the system it is possible for a client to be started before the cluster (and extend proxies) are available. When this happens the client throws the usual connection error upon trying to establish the initial connection but then doesn't attempt to reconnect after that. Once the cluster is up a client has to be restarted. Is there any way to configure the client to re-attempt connections at specified intervals?
Maybe you can catch the exception, do a programmatical pause and then restart in a way like below:
public class ShutdownInvocable extends AbstractInvocable
public static class ShutdownTask implements Runnable
public void run()
public void run()
(new Thread(new ShutdownTask())).start();
Hope it helps.
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