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Best option for backing up iPad via iTunes .?

I need to know best option of backing up iPad via iTunes .
I am given an option there , but dont know the best one to use.
Thank you.
I've always done mine the other way and three years later, no issues.
I'm not worried about the passwords so the encryption wasn't an issue for me.
Encrypted or not, my personal opinion is that backing up via iTunes is a better way to backup than trusting the cloud.
You know, if you're not sure, you can always do it both ways. I've never tried it so i'm not sure if one backup erases the other or if they have different names and can co-exist. That said, every time I've done a backup, I just look in my recycle bin and find the old backup there (iTunes throws it away), so I can go into the recycle bin and move the file elsewhere and preserve it.
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