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Averaging selected range based on value of another channel

I have one channel, X, with a bunch of integer values from 0 to 90. I also have another channel with various corresponding data, lets call it Y. I would like to find the average and standard deviation for all of the values in Y that have a 0 in its corresponding X row, then the same for all values in Y that have a 1 in its corresponding row and etc, all the way up to 90. Is there an easy way to do this? Perhaps there is a way to sort the data and put all the Y values into new channels that are grouped according to their X values?
Hi Martin,
You have a couple of options.  You could indeed use the FormulaCalc() command to split out various rows from your data channel that all have the same index into a new data channel and do this for each index.  Alternatively, you could determine which rows contain a certain index, then use the StatBlockCalc() function to determine statistics from only these rows of your data channel:
Dim Channel, Msg
Channel = "[1]/Time"
For i = 1 To 22
  StatSel(i) = "No"
StatSel(4)  = "Yes" ' Minimum
StatSel(5)  = "Yes" ' Maximum
StatSel(6)  = "Yes" ' Arith. mean
StatSel(14) = "Yes" ' Standard Deviation
Call StatBlockCalc("Channel", "1-13", Channel)
Msg = Msg & "Min = " & StatMin        & vbCRLF
Msg = Msg & "Ave = " & StatArithMean  & vbCRLF
Msg = Msg & "Max = " & StatMax        & vbCRLF
Msg = Msg & "Dev = " & StatDeviation
MsgBox Msg
Note that if you have DIAdem 10.1 you should loop up to 23,
Brad Turpin
DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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