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AS3.0 Slider to slide timeline is duplicating first frame. Why?

I have made a slider that I am having issues with. This slider is to control the timeline of a movie clip when dragged. My problem with this is that It seems to be duplicating the first frame. When I slide the slider to the right it will hit first tick and still display what is in frame 1 .. then on the next ticks it will continue with the rest of the timeline. Any Ideas how to prevent / over come my slider from doing this with the first frame? I have dificulty explaining so I have atached an example.
Thanks In advance.
I have tried to upload the .fla but server wont let me.
here is the code I am using for the slider. It controls numbers_mc that contains frames 1-16 all numbered 1-16 These numbers will be replaced later with images. Thanks
function updatemc(e:Event)
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