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Aperture won't shut down

I cannot close/quit or force quit Aperture. It wouldn't even let me (Shut Down) my computer. It said that Aperture "Stopped" the shut down because I need to close Aperture first. No matter what direction I go to try to access the "force quit" option, it is NOT an (Available) Option. So, I just turned off the power to the computer, since Aperture kept aborting my attempts to shut it down. It has "high-jacked" my computer...Heeelllp!!
Oh, and even AFTER I manually turned the computer off, when I turned it back on...Aperture it STILL open & unresponsive to ANY command...still open, still no way to quit or force quit.
When you "turned off the power" to the computer do you mean you unplugged it (desktop computer) ?  Or did you simply press the power button once ?  Or did you hold down the power button for a number of seconds to reset it ?
If you actually shut off the computer when you turn it back on you will see the whole boot sequence ... I can't imagine Aperture will remain in the suspended state at that point.    
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