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ALERT: CVS disabled NFC terminal to block Apple Pay in support of other Moblie payment systems

CVS has shut down their NFC machines in an attempt to block Apple Pay and Google wallet to support QR code wallet system with other major retail partners like Walmart and BestBuy.
Their technology not even close to being secure. Be sure to file complaints to CVS customer relations online. Just an FYI for you Apple pay folks who are trying to pay in CVS. It won't work. Lol. Plenty of articles online about it. Just a heads up for all you Apple Pay enthusiast.
I filed my complaint Friday with CVS due to the Retailer's own interest driving the Merchant Customer Exchange CurrentC Mobile Payment Product.  The Retailers primary focus is to reduce their payments to Visa and MasterCard.  The CurrentC Mobile Payment System is cumbersome at the Point-of-Sale, require QR Codes to be scanned by the Store Clerk or the Customer.  A second major focus of CurrentC is to collect personal information about the Customer for use in Retailer Marketing, unfortunately this data even includes personal Health Data.  I don't see Consumers flocking to the Retail Arena to use CurrentC.  The CurrentC Mobile Payment System began design and development back in 2011, but is not to market as yet. 
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