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Adobe Interactive Form as an Attachment

Hi we have requirement to make Adobe Interactive Form as an attachment in work item (workflow).
Does any body come across with this requirement? How we make Adobe Interactive Form as an attachment ?
Many thanks
i have the same requirement. But im not able to solve this problem by the link, which is posted. I also used the search function, but no results.
I know how to send the Interactive Form via email, and it works nice, but how can i create an object out of the Interactive Form and pass it to a workflow container?
Im using FM SO_OBJECT_INSERT but there is something wrong with the conversion, everytime i try to open the attachment i get a error message that the file is broken.
Any suggestions how to solve it?
Kind Regards
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Hi, We created certain <b>Custom I.S.R. Scenarios</b> and attached them to Workflows. So in these regards, we had already created the needed forms in Adobe Interactive Forms Transaction(SFP) and launched the Scenario successfully in Enterprise