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i cant install it says my adobe application is corrupt
Hi redmat, linking you to another post that offers a solution: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5438270
Let us know if you're still having issues. Thanks!
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Hi someone can help me, I tried to install Flash Professional (Trial), but I can't, for some reason said Download error: Adobe application Manager  is corrupted. I will appreciate any suggestion or help to success the installation. Thank you so much.
Why can I not dowload Adobe Application Manager Updat?  I get a message that it is corrupted.Hi Jnnliska, You can download the latest version of Adobe Application Manager from the below link: http://www.adobe.com/appsmanager/index.html If you are sti
Hi - I have been trying to download the photoshop trial on my computer for the past few days, and keep encountering the following message: "Download Error. Adobe Application Manager is corrupted and must be reinstalled. Please contact customer servic
I am attempting to install Photoshop CC from my Team account.  When I hit the download button I get the following error: "Adobe Application Manager is corrupted and must be reinstalled.  Please contact Customer Service." Help.The best way forwar
Adobe application manager is corrupted and I need to contact support! How do I do that. I keep getting sent here???I was looking around, because nowwhere before does it mention %temp%\AdobeDownloads\ Based on the error that comes back, I decided to t
I get a message that my Adobe Application Manger is corrupt what should I dohttp://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=170&platform=Windows Download a new one. Install it and replace the corrupted one.Read other 2 answers
After updating to the latest version of Adobe Application Manager, the AAM stopped working and gives me the error message 'Adobe Application Manager is corrupted and must be reinstalled' everytime I run the program. I tried re-installing (with the 6.
Hi all, I've been experienceing some issues wince updating from 10.8.1 to 10.8.2 when using Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 and CS6. Since going onto 10.8.2, everytime I launch Adobe Application Manager to perfom updates and manage my installation my MacB
I'm on a MAC OS 10.8.2, I was updating my Adobe Application Manager and received an error A12E6. I also tried downloading AI and it says my Adobe Application Manager software is corrupt. How do I download new AAM? JoSo if anyone else has this issue,
When I try to install adobe application manager it tells me that the installer failed to initialize and it tells me to install the Adobe Support Advisor.After I installed the  Adobe Support Advisor it tells me that there is nothing wrong but I still
After years using font management applications (Suitcase, FontExplorer) a couple of years ago suspicion of corrupt fonts led me to strip down to using just FontBook as a minimalist font management tool. It is very cumbersome though that even though i
We just purchased a new Mac Pro and transferred everything from the old computer to the new one.  Now we are getting Adobe Application Manager errors and it wants us to download Application Manager.  That leads us to the Adobe Installer that encounte
I have a problem using Applications of Adobe Creative Cloud: Every time I click on any icon (Photoshop, Indesign) or on any file (pdf) the Adobe Application Manager pops up and asks me to extend my membership with Adobe Creative Cloud. The selected a
I have the Photoshop CS6 program, and I went to download the free trial, and the Application Manager opened up, finished the download, only to end with a pop-up box saying that "Adobe Application Manager failed to install". There was also a mess
I  paid my $9.99. Every  time I try and download Photoshop CC or Lightroom. I get this message "Adobe Application Manager unexpectedly quit." What am I doing wrong?Hi barbarakaye1, Welcome to the Community! Looks like it is corrupted. We might n
How to correct corrupt adobe application managerHi, If you are a Creative cloud member then you can completely remove Adobe application manager from Adobe suite cleaner tool which can be downloaded through http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/csclean
How do I uninstall Creative Cloud and Adobe Application manager please. I have migrated from my old laptop and they seem to have corrupted on the way. I have tried the uninstaller in Utilities but it is "completing with errors. I'm stuck in a loop, h
I tried to download a trial of Muse and the Adboe Application Manager says it is corrupt. If I uninstall, will this affect any of my currently "owned" Adobe programs?Hi Randi, You can certainly uninstall Adobe application manager without affecti
my computer tells me that my adobe application manager is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled, where do I get the application?Since this really isn't a Captivate question per se, rather a question about Adobe Application Manager, and since there is n