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Adding Time Capsule (for Multicast DNS) to existing router

I have recently moved into a place where I am sharing internet with others (family).
My macs can see their PC's.  My macs cannot see my macs. 
Wireless Macbook Pro
Hard wired Mac Pro into Netgear router.
I am pretty sure it's because their router, (Netgear, has regular and 5g band) does not have multicast DNS capability, which I understand is necessary for macs to see each other on the network.
I have an older Time Capsule (the one with one band, and no guest login network) that works just fine when it's configured to be the only router on the network.  It's worked for years at my previous place using DHCP thorugh a DSL modem.
Question:  How do I add the Time Capsule to this network to get Multicast DNS capabilities?  OR... is there a different way of getting my macs to talk to each other and still have the internet work?
My relative is a gamer and very particular with his electronics and I don't want to 'remove' the Netgear router from the equation, but I do want my macs to sync up.  I run sync jobs to keep certain folders up to date in two places.  (No, I don't want to use a cloud for some of this stuff).  I have limited experience configuring networks -- I tried plugging in the time capsule into an ethernet port on the netgear router, but I must have configured it wrong because there were conflicting IP addresses and the internet became unusable.
Thanks in advance.
The  TC should work ok in bridge mode.
Just go into the airport utility and ensure your TC is bridged.
All routing should be happening on the Netgear.
The printers should then be accessible to the computers.. BUT the TC seems to hate new setups.. I strongly recommend you simply factory reset it and redo the setup.
Use SMB type names.. that means short, no spaces and pure alphanumeric.
And sometimes if you want to print the client will have to connect to the TC and not the Netgear. Mavericks in particular seems to have real issues working with a TC that it is not immediately connected to.
I run somewhat similar setup and right now my airport utility utilty shows the entire history of my network fiddling.. i will have to figure out how to reset airport utility.
As you can see nothing is available because I am plugged into the main router.. my equivalent of your Netgear.
Now I turn on wireless and connect that directly to the TC, lo and behold, the world comes to life.
That is because the new airport utility totally depends on wireless. It is absolutely useless if you use ethernet.
Also remember to check the computer has ipv6 set to link-local.
Apple have made this essential part of the airport network.. you should do this for both wireless and ethernet in the computer. And check that it is set correctly in the TC.
So for example here is what wireless in the computer looks like.
And in the TC. It is in the internet tab under the internet options.
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