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Accessing internet 'photo gallery'

Just latest, the 'photo gallery' pages connected to news stories will not load. Will not even attempt to load. Just get a blank page with ad sidebar.
AOL News, Google News. When you click on a photo it usually brings up a 'photo gallery page where you can scroll through numerous photos.
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This Problem just started. When I attempt to open my photo gallery, it will open up for around a second, and then shut back down. When it does open for that second, it's just the gray background and no folders. My photos are accessible through the ca
Hi everyone, I need some help getting my iPhone 4 fixed. Today I launched the Camera app using the new button hidden in the lock screen, released after iOS5, and everything was fine, until I took the picture. The Camera app crashed and now my Photo G
Viber is currently not working on my iphone 4. When trying to send a picture message, it says I am currently not able to access my photo gallery. I get the message "this app does not have access to your photos or videos. You can enable access in Priv
I've installed & uninstalled MS SqlSever 2005 in my system (OS - Windows 8). When am try to access my photo gallery on desktop, I'm getting above mentioned error. How come photo gallery is dependent on MS SqlServer 2005 compact edition?  Now, I've in
Hi I need to access pictures in my iphone photo gallery through xcode, I am trying to search code for this but with little success. I somebody has knowldge on this please share. thanksHere is a link to the apple developer site that might help out. ht
I hope someone can help me with this. I always made slideshows with Photoshop until I got Elements. The newest version of Photoshop does not have that option anymore. I made a web photo gallery with elements, put it up in Dreamweaver, made a link, te
Have had phone for six months, no problem accessing photo gallery.  Now, when I click on the gallery widget, the gallery will not come up.  I have turned phone off and on, still will not work.  Thoughts? Also, how do I know if the Gingerbread update
I am facing a strange problem on new iphone 5 that I bought last week. The maps app and the places in photo gallery shows the pin and my location, however there is no information of locations. Tried to close the apps, phone restart, reset etc. I am a
Question from Adobe Muse beginner - I can't figure out how images can be uploaded in a slideshow/photo gallery in the admin console? I can edit or delete images but not upload additional images?Hi, May I know which admin console are you talking about
Can someone please, please help me!? I can not figure out why the images will not load in my adobe bridge html photo gallery cs5. I am not getting any error messages in Firefox and just the x in internet explorer. Here is the link to the gallery page
My wife recently got a Mac for the first time and imported all of her photos into iPhoto. Today she was trying to upload some photos to a community website. The website had a Browse button that opened a Finder window. We were quite surprised to find
Heya, If you visit http://www.hookmedia.biz/cabinet_source/v4_f and goto the photo gallery you'll notice that the photo gallery works well except that the filmstrips doesn't scroll left or right. Now, I built this one based off of a Kirupa tutorial,
Hi all! I received the 2.2 upgrade for my Moto DROID on 8/16. Everything seemed to be fine until the next day... my photo gallery of about 50 pics were missing!! I installed Astro from the market and I can see the 'files' but can't seem to figure out
I would like to thank everyone who reads and responds to these posts. I would be completely lost without it. Apple is lucky to have such great forums. That being said, I need help again... I finally (thanks to much help) got both my websites up and r
When I build a web gallery, using the Flash Gallery (default) in the 'Template Browser', no matter what info I put in the 'Contact info' and 'Web or Mail link' boxes (under Site Info), it does not work. Example, under 'Contact info' I put the word 'C
Hello all, I'm using iWeb to write a report. The deliverable will be viewed on IE6. (Disgusting!) I tried pointing it to http://local.ip.addr/website/ and it worked great (after enabling the active x plugins). Later to test the deliverable I put the
Hi all, Sorry if this issue is old news but, i have tried to find the answer in the archives first, with no luck. It's about this; I am working with Mac OSX 10.4.11 and Photoshop CS2. Recently i haveust published Web Photo Gallery on my website. It l
Photo gallery The photo gallery loads the thumbnails but not the images in Internet Explorer 7. It works fine in Firefox 2/3. The code for the area is, quote: <div spry:detailregion="dsPhotos"> <h4>{title}</h4> <h5>{descr
Hi, I've just created a website by iWeb. After publishing the site in the local folder I've uploaded the entire contents to the server by FTP. From local folder it works fine but while trying to view online, the links between the pages not working (e