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Hi there,
I'm in a Retail environment.
I'm using 2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_UM to fill an InfoCube and have the monthly stocks.
Quantities and valuation at purchase value are correct.
As I want to add to my report the valuation at retail value for each month, I've added 2LIS_40_REVAL.
But now I see this kind of things in the report :
Plant | Material | Month | Quantity | Purchase Value | Sales value
Plant1 | Material1 | Month1 | 0PC | 0EUR | -2EUR
Plant1 | Material1 | Month2 | 1PC | 1EUR | 0EUR
Plant1 | Material1 | Month3 | 1PC | 1EUR | 2EUR
As you see, there is a sales valuation that appears for Month1, although there is no stock.
And this value is actually the opposite of the sales value that should appear for Month2...
I can see this kind of shift for some materials (and only for historical months, not current month).
Can anybody experienced with this extractor tell me where I have done a mistake ?
I would need a piece of advice... Maybe the way we load data with this extractor have to be different than the way we do it with BX, BF and UM.
Thanks in advance and best regards,
I've loaded only 1 article for 1 division, using BX, BF, UM and REVAL.
I've checked my data in the InfoCube.
I've got data for periods 11.2005, 12.2005 and 01.2006 as following :
11.2005 | Quantity | PurchaseValue | SalesValue
12.2005 | Quantity | PurchaseValue | SalesValue
01.2006 | Quantity | PurchaseValue | SalesValue
As you see, no record for 10.2005.
And if I check the validity table via RSDV, the time frame is 11.2005 -> 01.2006 (that's correct).
But the BEx is still giving me an additional record for 10.2005, with no stock and a sales valuation.
The sales valuation for 12.2005 and 01.2006 is correct.
It's like this :
10.2005 | 0        | 0             | SalesValue
11.2005 | Quantity | PurchaseValue | 0
12.2005 | Quantity | PurchaseValue | SalesValue
01.2006 | Quantity | PurchaseValue | SalesValue
Hope you can give me a further help.
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