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1 week old mini slower than older mini?

Hello can someone please tell me why my mini is so slow?  I followed the instructions on what you guys might need to help from another guy asking the same thing
Mar 15 21:19:31 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: macx_swapon SUCCESS
Mar 15 21:20:01 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: (default pager): [KERNEL]: ps_select_segment - send HI_WAT_ALERT
Mar 15 21:20:02 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero
Mar 15 21:20:05 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: macx_swapon SUCCESS
Mar 15 21:22:03 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero
Mar 15 21:25:43 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero
Mar 15 21:29:26 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: (default pager): [KERNEL]: ps_select_segment - send HI_WAT_ALERT
Mar 15 21:29:26 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: macx_swapon SUCCESS
Mar 15 22:28:42 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: Ethernet [AppleBCM5701Ethernet]: Link down on en0
Mar 15 22:29:05 Andrews-Mac-mini kernel[0]: Ethernet [AppleBCM5701Ethernet]: Link up on en0, 100-Megabit, Full-duplex, Symmetric flow-control, Debug [796d,2300,0de1,0300,45e1,0000]
Mar 15 22:29:19 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: utun_ctl_connect: creating interface utun0
Mar 15 22:29:19 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: utun0: attached with 0 suspended link-layer multicast membership(s)
Mar 15 22:30:44 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: (default pager): [KERNEL]: default_pager_backing_store_monitor - send LO_WAT_ALERT
Mar 15 22:31:07 66-168-215-181 kernel[0]: macx_swapoff SUCCESS
Andrew J. wrote:
I was thinking of ordering 8gb online but might have to spend $$$ and but it retail to get it moving right now!
8GB if RAM for the mini is not expensive.
I buy Crucial: http://www.crucial.com/
If you're not in the US, you can click the flag at the top to find the UK, Europe, and French sites.
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